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The UK Government defines microgeneration as the production of heat and/or electricity on a small scale from a low carbon (i.e. renewable) source.  

You can find an explanation of the meaning and importance of renewable energy on a UK Government web-site at the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC):

Microgeneration Strategy:

The Government launched a new Microgeneration Strategy in 2011. The objective of this strategy is to create the conditions under which microgeneration becomes a realistic, alternative or supplementary, energy generation source for the householder, for the community and for small businesses.   
A study from the Energy Saving Trust suggested that: " By 2050, microgeneration could provide 30-40% of the UK's electricity needs."


Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI):

This incentive was launched in 2011 and provides financial support for householders, communities and businesses to encourage the uptake of renewable heat generation in the UK.

Starting with the commercial sector, quarterly payments are made to property owners for the renewable heat that they produce for up to 20 years, from 2011.

The domestic sector RHI tariffs commenced in the Spring of 2014.

Eligible technologies include, Solar Thermal, Ground Source Heat Pumps and Biomass boilers. For the RHI scheme an accredited  installer and a product that is MCS or Solar Keymark certified must be used.

Installer assisted DIY kits are also eligible for support under the scheme.


Microgeneration Technologies:

A summary of the available microgeneration technologies can be found on the web-site of the Energy Saving Trust.  

The descriptions are objective, but they are out of date in two important aspects:

a) They overestimate the costs of the equipment.      
b) They greatly underestimate the current and future costs of energy from commercial suppliers.

Hence the pay back times that they estimate are several times longer than what we know to be achievable.

(We have a general aim of a pay back time of about five years on equipment costs.)


You can find information about costs and savings at Directgov.

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An extract from: The North-West Passage

By Derek Pluck*


On climate change, I only got the message

When I found out that the North-West passage,

Will now be open for five weeks of the year;

I care deeply for the polar bears and fear

For their future, they’ll leave no carbon footprints

In the snow, when they finally go - forever;





*Biologist, teacher and man of letters.

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