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Vacuum Tube Heat Pipe Solar Collector

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These collectors are tested to BS EN 12975 parts 1 and 2 at the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems. The Test Report can be viewed in the Downloads section.
They are awarded the European Quality Standard SOLAR KEYMARK by the German Certification Body DIN CERTCO.   
These excellent products will be eligible for a grant and tariff payments under the RHI Scheme.











































































Solar Collect Limited © 2021

Registered in England and Wales, Company no. 6234018

Preston, PR2 8WB.



·  Contoured Aluminium Alloy Manifold; design minimises wind vibration


·  1800mm x 58mm double walled Borosilicate Glass Vacuum Tubes


·  3 Layer Absorber AlN/AlN-SS/Cu on Glass


·  Aperture Area = 1.89 m2


·  Copper Heat Pipes with Conical Tips (Freeze Resistant) 


·  Aluminium Internal Heat Transfer Fins


·  Clip and Screw-cup Tube Supports


·  Easy to assemble and install (Manual Supplied - view in Downloads)


· Supplied with stainless steel roof fixing straps (Rigid roof fixing brackets, or a flat roof stand, may be purchased if required.)


·  5 Year Manufacturers Warranty (See the note on warranty registration.)

This product employs the latest heat pipe technology and also 3 layer solar

selective cylindrical absorbers that passively track the sun, giving superior

performance over the whole day.

Applications include the heating of water in domestic and

commercial buildings and indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

Possible Savings:

With a single TS-20 Collector correctly installed as a domestic water heater, over 5 years you could:

Save on fossil fuel Energy consumption, by as much as 5000 kWh*;

Save Money on fuel bills, by as much as £ 1000**;

Help to Save the Planet, by reducing your household CO2 footprint by up to 5



*In central England, assuming a 60% average efficiency.

** For a projected electricity cost of £0.18 /kWh.

*** A coal fired plant produces about 1 kg of CO2 per kWh of electricity generated.   

Handling and Transporting the Collector:


The collector is supplied in export cartons that can easily be transported in the back of a medium sized van or a larger car.

The contents of the cartons are:

2 cartons of mass = 30 kg and dimensions 196 x 33 x 18 cm each containing 10 x 58 mm Vacuum Tubes.

1 carton of mass = 16 kg and dimensions 200 x 23 x 20 cm containing the

Manifold, Frame and Accessories (including stainless steel fixing straps).


They should be stored on a flat level surface and the base supported along its entire length.

They should not be stacked more than 5 high and preferably lifted only by two persons.  

These products should be transported at all times with caution.

If transported by road the cartons should be secured in the vehicle, preferably by the use of a pallet. 

Technical Data


Mechanical Data:

Overall Dimensions  

Width = 1.75 m,    Height = 2.00 m,    Depth = 0.15 m

Gross Area = 3.50 m2,   Aperture Area = 1.89 m2,   Absorber Area = 1.61 m2

Maximum Recommended Wind Load = 108 km/h (30 m/s)

Tubes Resistant to Hailstones ≤ 25 mm in diameter

Recommended angle of tilt = 20° - 90° from horizontal

Mass Empty = 76 kg


Hydraulic Data:

Maximum Operating Pressure = 6 bar

Recommended Operating Pressure (for closed loop systems) = 2.0 – 3.0 bar

Manifold Fluid Volume = 1.21 litres

Recommended Flow Rate = 2.0 – 3.0 litres / min

Pressure Drop at Flow Rate 3.0 l / min ≤ 20 mbar

Heat Transfer Fluid (for closed loop systems) = propylene glycol / pure water mixture

Hydraulic Connections – 22 mm Copper Pipes


Thermal Data:

Maximum Recommended Operating Temperature = 125 °C

Stagnation Temperature at 1000 W/m2 irradiation and 30 °C ambient = 204 °C

Effective Thermal Capacity of Collector = 14.6 kJ/ °C m2


Materials Used:

Manifold Cover and Frame – Aluminium Alloy

Header Pipe Insulation – Rock Wool

Header Pipe – Copper

Absorber – Ceramic/Graded Cermet/Metal (AlN/AlN-SS/Cu) on Glass

Vacuum Tubes – Borosilicate Glass 3.3 (1.65mm)

Tube / Manifold Seals - Silicone Rubber (UV Stabilised)

Tube Cups – Nylon Composite (UV Stabilised)


Performance Data :

The collector output power P may be expressed in terms of the following parameters: Global Irradiance G, (Fluid – Ambient) Temperature Difference Δθ, Efficiency Without Losses η0, Linear Heat Loss Coefficient k1, Quadratic Heat Loss Coefficient k2 and Aperture Area a.


Assuming radiation at normal incidence, the power may be calculated by the empirical equation: 


P = (G*η0k1 * Δθ – k2 * Δθ2) * a.


As measured by ISE; η0 = 0.659,  k1 = 1.442 W/m2K,  k2 = 0.0128 W/m2K2 and a = 1.89 m2.


Thus the calculated Power Output when G = 700 W/m2 (typical UK summer day) is:


Δθ = 10 K,   P = 842 W       Δθ = 20 K,   P = 808 W       Δθ = 40 K,  P = 724 W


Warranty Registration

The warranty form must be completed and returned to Solar Collect Limited within a period of 30 days from the date on the purchase invoice. The purchaser will receive by post a Certificate of Warranty that should be kept safe. The Provisions of the manufacturer’s warranty do not apply if a confirmed Certificate of Warranty cannot be demonstrated by the purchaser.

The Certificate of Warranty also entitles customers to an exchange set of heat pipes at cost (including shipping) 10 years or more after the original date of purchase and at the end of each subsequent 10 year period.

This offer signals our commitment to our customers and to the principle of a sustainable future.

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ts20 = 20 tube Solar Collector

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