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Making a Purchase 
     If you wish to make a purchase, add the item that you want into the shopping cart using the button adjacent to the price. You can review, update or cancel your selection at any time by going directly to the “Shopping Cart” using the navigation bar.  


   After you have finished your selection, click on a link to the ‘Checkout’. At the checkout you will be asked to supply the information that we need to be able to complete the order. From the checkout you may return to the shopping cart to modify or cancel the order.


   When you have completed the order section at the checkout you will be transferred to the invoice page. Confirming the invoice directs you to the payment page, where there is a printable invoice and a link to the website of the Payment Services Provider.

Contract of Sale
   When you are offered a printable invoice, this is to indicate that we have received and are processing your order. It does not indicate that a contract exists between us. We will indicate acceptance of your order, and hence a contract between us, when we email to you a confirmation invoice.


Credit Card Security
The transaction is completed using SSL/128 bit encryption.
Solar Collect Limited does not hold any credit card information, all this secure information is held by our Payment Services Provider.


Remittance Terms
    Payment by Debit Card is our preferred method at the moment. Credit Card payments  incur an  extra processing charge that is uneconomic for the larger items.  Contact us if you have a query.  
   Solar Collect Limited price their goods in GBP (£) only. If you use a non UK credit / debit card, your payment will be converted into GBP (£) at the current rate used by your credit / debit card supplier.


Tax Charges
For orders made from the UK or the European Union, VAT is added. A full VAT invoice is supplied.
   For shipments outside the UK, if you have a Valid EU VAT number and wish to have your order without VAT, please advise us before you order.


Delivery Schedule
We will endeavour to dispatch your order within 5 working days. We will normally send your order via economy parcel or pallet delivery (2 to 3 days), depending on the type of product. International orders will generally take longer depending on the shipping method.


   Any dates specified by Solar Collect Limited for delivery of the Goods are intended to be an estimate only. If no date is specified for delivery of the Goods, delivery shall be within a reasonable time. Subject to the other provisions of these Terms and Conditions, Solar Collect Limited shall not be liable for any loss, whether direct or consequential, economic or otherwise, arising directly or indirectly out of any delay in the delivery of the Goods nor will any delay entitle the purchaser to terminate or rescind the contract unless the delay exceeds 30 days, beginning the day after the contract was formed.


Items Out of Stock

If an item is not in stock, you will be contacted within 7 working days and offered the option to cancel if you do not wish to wait while we back order it for you.


Privacy Policy

Under no circumstances will Solar Collect Limited disclose any customer's personal information to any third party except when required to do so by law or as is necessary to fulfil the order. Third parties with whom we deal (i.e. shipping companies) will not disclose any details to any other third party. As previously stated, we do not receive or hold any credit card information.

Cookies are used on this website to store delivery addresses and track the contents of the shopping cart. You can turn off cookies by going to Tools / Internet Options/ Privacy and selecting to block cookies. If you turn off cookies you will be unable to make use of some features of the site, such as placing an order. You can find more information at:


Shipping and Delivery Information


Delivery Costs
All shipping is at cost and either by pallet shipment or standard parcel shipment. The delivery area selected at the checkout is at present restricted to the UK. For other locations please contact us via the form to find the cost of shipment to your delivery address.


Delivery Responsibilities of the Buyer
Prior to signing for the consignment it is the responsibility of the receiving customer to check for shortages or transit damage and if necessary to write clearly on the delivery document that the shipment has arrived incomplete or damaged, with a description of the condition of the goods.


   This is particularly important for pallet shipments containing fragile parts such as solar collectors. Each carton containing solar vacuum tubes is opened and checked before shipment, to ensure that no damaged or broken tubes are sent to our customers. Solar Collect Limited will make every effort to secure these products by enhanced packaging or by shipping on a pallet.


   Any transit damage must be reported to Solar Collect Limited within 24 hours. If the delivery document is not signed as damaged or the transit damage is not reported in this 24 hour period Solar Collect will not accept any claim for a transit damaged product.


   Once a customer has signed for the shipment as received in good condition then Solar Collect Limited cannot make any insurance claims on behalf of the customer for products that have been damaged in transit.


Delivery Location
Delivery can only be made to the billing address. For reasons of health and safety, pallets and other large items can only be delivered to a ground floor location. Transportation away from the delivery location is at the customer’s risk.


Delivery and Title
   Risk in the goods shall pass from the Supplier (Solar Collect Limited) to the buyer upon delivery, but ownership of the goods shall not pass to the buyer until the Supplier has received in full all sums due from the buyer on any account or grounds whatsoever. 

Order Cancellation and Returns
If you change your mind and decide to cancel your order you must notify Solar Collect within seven working days of receipt of the goods. We will then issue you with a Return of Goods Authorization.  You must then ensure that all reasonable care is taken of the goods and return them with packaging in an “as new” condition within 28 days of receiving them for replacement or a full refund excluding shipping costs. The purchaser must bear the full costs of returning the goods. 


Your rights to return goods are set out under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000, a summary of which may be found at:


Return of Goods under Warranty 

All our goods are covered by our manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. For details of the warranty see the separate section on warranty claims.




Solar Collect Limited guarantees that the product is without manufacturing defects with regard to materials or workmanship, that it has been tested and found to be sound, and that it conforms to all the relevant norms.


Making a Claim under the Warranty


Defects must be reported in writing to Solar Collect Limited.
The report must include details of the defect and dated photographic evidence where this is appropriate. It must also include the place and date of purchase, the product serial number and the identification number of the
Certificate of Warranty.
Products under claim must be stored at the purchaser’s address for a period of not less than 90 days from the date of the claim and be available for inspection by Solar Collect or one of its representatives. 


General Conditions of the Warranty:

-The warranty relates to manufacturing defects only.
-The period of the warranty is 5 years from the date on the product purchase invoice.
-Solar Collect Limited reserves the right to examine the product(s) under complaint.
- Arrangements for, and the place of repair of, a product under warranty are at the discretion of Solar Collect.
-Valid claims under the warranty will be remedied by repair or exchange at the expense of Solar Collect within 30 days from the receipt of the claim.
-This warranty only becomes valid when all receivables have been paid in full for the product, a warranty form has been filled out, and a confirmed certificate of warranty can be demonstrated by the purchaser.
-The warranty form must be completed and returned to Solar Collect Limited within a period of 30 days from the date on the purchase invoice.
-The claimant must bear all costs associated with any claim under the warranty that is found to be unjustified.


Warranty Expiry

Entitlement to all of the provisions of the warranty expires under the following circumstances:
-If the product assembly, placement, connection or operation does not conform to the installation manual and professional best practice.
-If the installation of the product is not in compliance with all the relevant norms, safety requirements, and local laws and regulations.
-If changes have been made to the product by the purchaser, or any other person or organization.
-If the product is damaged by handling, transportation or storage that is at variance with the instructions given in the installer instruction manual, or the norms of best professional practice.
-If the product has been used for any purpose other than that for which it was originally intended.
-If the product has been installed by persons not suitably qualified or accredited by any professional organisation.
Under all circumstances entitlement of the purchaser to a make a claim under the warranty expires when the warranty period has lapsed.



This warranty excludes all costs incurred by the purchaser in connection with a claim that is subsequently judged to be invalid.
This warranty excludes all claims arising from the transport or shipping of the product.


Limitation of Liability

 The liability of the Supplier (Solar Collect Limited) shall not exceed the purchase price of the Goods supplied and the Supplier shall under no circumstances be liable to the Purchaser for any consequential, indirect or economic loss or damages.


Restrictions to the Warranty (Solar Collectors)

The following circumstances are excluded from this warranty: 

-Damage to any part of the collector during installation or following incorrect mounting or incorrect assembly of a base or frame upon which the collector is mounted.
-Damage to any part of the collector caused by a malfunction of the solar circuit following the incorrect, unskilled or inappropriate use of any associated equipment or materials.
-Damage to any part of the collector caused by moving it from the location of original installation.
-Damage to any part of the collector caused by lightning, earthquake, meteor strike, or any other environmental catastrophe or Act of God or Gods (e.g. Roman, Greek, Norse or any other).
-Damage to buildings or other property caused by the leaking of heat transfer fluid from any connection or any part of the solar circuit.
- Damage to any part of the collector caused by welding, brazing or soldering on the solar equipment.
- Damage to any part of the collector caused by metal fatigue due to periodical mechanical strain of the hydraulic connections or any other part.
- Damage to any part of the collector or solar circuit caused by freezing of the heat transfer fluid.
- Damage to any part of the collector caused by environmental forces such as wind, snow, ice, or falling objects (e.g. if it is raining cats and dogs).
- Damage to any part of the collector caused by its placement in aggressive surroundings (e.g. exposure to corrosive gases).
- Damage to any part of the collector caused by electrolytic corrosion due to the use of inappropriate components in the solar circuit, or the effect of electrical leakage currents.
- Damage to any part of the collector caused by war, revolution, terrorism, criminality, or civil unrest.
-Loss of vacuum in the glass tubes or the heat pipes caused by excessive mechanical or thermal strain.
-Loss of efficiency of the collector caused by the build up of lime scale in any part of the solar circuit.
-Loss of efficiency of the heat pipes caused by ageing.

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