From East To West

Solar Collect: Our Mission


Solar Collect was formed as Private Limited Company in 2007, by a group of people each contributing their complementary skills; scientific, technical, commercial, and financial, to form a viable and dynamic collective.

We are working to promote ethical trading in the micro-renewable market in the UK and Europe. We want to enable the individual householder, small business, or public body to play their part in the global response to the looming climate challenge.

Our objective is to provide affordable, appropriate and reliable products that will pay for the equipment cost within seven years of installation, and have an expected working life of at least twenty five years.

The whole world has an incontestable right to share in economic development; and we would prefer to encourage development by the purchase of products that will help us meet what has been described as our greatest ever challenge; climate change.

We are a commercial company operating within the marketplace. Our aim is profit to survive and grow: not profiteering.

Solar Collect Limited 2021

Registered in England and Wales, Company no. 6234018

Preston, PR2 8WB.